Audioengine Introduces New Wireless Audio Product

Audioengine W3 Premium Wireless Audio Adapter - Play all your music wirelessly from your computer or any audio device to powered speakers, stereo receiver, or a subwoofer. W3 provides CD-quality stereo sound with the ability to simultaneously broadcast to multiple Receivers with no reduction in audio quality.

Simply plug the Audioengine W3 Sender into any audio source – computer, TV, iPod – and connect the W3 Receiver to any input on your stereo, powered speakers, or subwoofer – and in seconds you have wired-quality sound throughout your house without all the wires. W3 requires no software downloads, network setup, has a 100-foot range, and provides CD-quality sound without dropouts or interference.

Think of W3 as a Swiss Army knife for wireless audio. says Audioengine Director, Brady Bargenquast. “You can use it as a wireless DAC to send music from your computer to your stereo or add W3 to your home theater as a wireless link to your subwoofer or rear channel speakers, for example. It’s a versatile little product and setup is fast”.